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Alumni Affairs

Anglica's alumni are current or previous members of Anglica, who have completed either a BA or MA degree at the Department of English at the University of Turku. All members of Anglica who have (or are about to) finish their studies at the Department can sign up as an alumnum of Anglica. The goal of Anglica's alumni activity is to maintain not only Anglica's traditions, but also a connection between our current and previous members. In addition to sharing knowledge through e.g. mentoring, this means that Anglicans, both old and new, will have chances to meet and network at different kinds of events. What's more, casual alumni-only events such as sitz parties are also arranged occasionally. As such, signing up as an alumnum of Anglica helps you to see some old and new faces every now and then. Finally, alumni are informed of Anglica's doings once a year, and they also gain access to Anglica's publications. So, sign yourself up below to see what Anglica has to offer to its alumni in the future!

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The workgroup developing Anglica's alumni activity is formed at the beginning of each year. Any questions and comments can be targeted to the chair of the group, Mikko Salminen (mikkojsalminen (at)

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