Anglica ry

Since 1958.

The Board

In the autumn, the members of Anglica choose/vote a board of eleven (11) members and one vice member for the next year in the fall's general meeting. Any member of Anglica may apply for the positions. The board meets once a week to discuss any study matters and to arrange events. The board meetings are open to all members of Anglica.

Chair (Paul-Erik Niit paerni (at)
The Chair’s most visible assignment is running the meetings, and planning the agendas for them once a week and trying to pull together the board’s hopefully unanimous decisions. The Chairperson also has the ungratifying task of distributing tasks to the other members, preferably so that nobody becomes too loaded with work. The chair is the person with the duty of filling in the official papers to TYY and some other organisations. He also participates in the staff meetings once a month with another board member. All in all, the chair has to keep track of things being done, and those that ought to be done.
Vice Chair (Valtteri Kiviö kavaki (at)
As the title reveals, this member is the one to stand in if the Chair falls sick or is otherwise unable to attend, but he is often an invaluable source of ideas – and the board’s common memory – as the specific tasks for him are fewer than for the rest. The Vice Chair may also participate in staff meetings once a month, especially if the Chair is unable to attend. The Vice Chair might easily end up taking care of things that aren’t designed for any other board member, he also takes care of tasks concerning study materials. You’ll also meet him on Coffee Hours every week!
Treasurer (Rasmus Nordman rasmus.w.nordman (at)
If you are one of those quirky humanists with a suspicious fascination towards math and accounting, this is the dream spot for you. The treasurer keeps watch on our funds and advises the rest of us on what we can afford and what we certainly cannot. He also keeps record of all our expenses, and the money we receive, membership fees and bakesale profits, for example. He also sees to that all cruise, theatre and such tickets are being paid to the account, correctly and on time. The treasurer also plans the early budget together with the chair and prepares the financial statement of the year.
Secretary (Pihla Eskola pihla.s.eskola (at)
The main job for the secretary is to listen and listen (talking isn’t banned, though!) at the meetings and draw out the minutes after each meeting and hang them up in Signum for any Anglica member to see. Admittedly, this can be a tough one, as the meetings may sidetrack from each point in the agenda just about everytime. On the other hand, once the matter at hand has been settled and decided, the secretary can simply close her ears until something relevant comes up again.
Info (Mikko Rytö mimary (at)
The Info’s most important job is to keep our members up to date on all things concerning Anglica: its work and events. He accomplishes this mostly through our mailing list, our website (and calendar) and Facebook. He is also responsible for going through a lot of e-mails from TYY and other student organisations and forwarding any of them that might have significance for our members. He updates and takes care of our mailing list, our website, and Facebook. All in all, the info-person should have a good sense of things happening with Anglica and the university in general as well, or at least he should know when the next event is going to happen.
Educational, Social & Environmental (Teemu Helenius taohel (at)
He is the third board member who can take part in the staff meetings (and frequents them most often). He also participates in TYY’s ‘kopo’ (kouluspoliittinen sektori) and ‘sopo’ (sosiaalipoliittinen sektori) meetings that deal with more general and allembracing decisions, and conflicting aims at university level nationwide, but also educational issues related to our university only. His job, then, is to inform the board and all Anglica members on any burning developments, or backlashes... If you have any problems with educational or social matters, don’t hesitate to contact him.
He is also one of the two Anglicans and the board member responsible for environmental matters: he (alongside the other environmental representative outside the board) keeps in mind the ecological side of things, and reminds the board to always act in the best way possible for our planet.
Projects (Elina Keskitalo maelkes (at)
Projects may sound like a vague thing to handle, since almost anything can be called a project. And that’s exactly what this post involves: almost anything. Her most important tasks are organising the bakesales four times a year and ordering overalls for the first-year students every autumn. In addition, handling any bigger events (Turku Survival, possible excursions, our miNiMES-cruise etc.) that need more time to manage (aka a project) fall under her jurisdiction, as well as ordering our own songbooks and overall patches when needed.. Our annual publications, Baccanalia and Rookie Guide, are also her responsibility.
Party & Culture (Aapo Rauha amrauh (at) & Lotta Säilä ljsail (at)
This sector is considered so important that each year we appoint two people to handle it. Their job is usually to call and make reservations for party premises and to contact other student organisations for possible shared parties. The “PCs” also often end up managing any competitions & announcements etc. in the parties (well being the darn party organiser). A good knowledge, or pure enthusiasm, for Turku nightlife and cultural possibilities is a huge asset here, for fresh ideas are always welcome.
Members (Maija Riikonen meriik (at) & Ada Iso-Kouvola ada.e.iso (at) )
The members join the board meetings regularly and help out in projects where man power is scarse, substitute for other members if the need be, or use their special skills to help the board. For instance, there is always a need for a good graphic designer (posters, Baccanalia, Rookie guide etc.). Usually, the members end up carrying stuff to, decorating and cleaning the party/event premises. However, when the need arises, or there is the will, the members have been known to also reserve event premises and aid the work load of the PCs. The members are the personal henchmen of the Chair.
Vice member: Saku Helbom saku.h.hellbom (at)
Environmental affairs: Elina Keskitalo maelkes (at)
International affairs: Emilia Kemppainen emilia.a.kemppainen (at)
Sports: Paul-Erik Niit paerni (at)