Anglica ry

Since 1958.

Events & Calendar

Anglica organises many different kinds of events for its members to enjoy. Although the various parties and sitzes and such might seem to dominate the scene, we also have occasions for other laid-back happenings. These include for example bake sales, board game nights, pub quizzes, theatre excursions and outdoor fun among other things. Anglica typically organises at least one event a week.

Below you can find some examples of our recurring, traditional, and often most loved events.

Coffee Hours

Coffee Hours are the weekly tradition of Anglica, during which the Vice Chair will make coffee and offer biscuits to brighten up the day of Anglicans. At least one member of the board is always present during the Coffee Hours, so all of your Anglica related business can be taken care of during Coffee Hours (for example joining or buying patches). Many Anglicans will also hang out in Kaffila during Coffee Hours, so it is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with them!

Turku Survival aka Kastajaiset

In the early days of September, the new recruits among Anglica’s ranks will be formally inaugurated into our merry bunch. The freshmen will be sent on various fun tasks around Turku, during which they’ll get to know both other new students and more seasoned veterans alike. Eventually the winners will be crowned and all who participated will enjoy their status as true Anglicans.

Anglica goes Villa!

Around mid-September Anglicans will pack their bags and head for an eventful weekend in Ruissalo. There the new and old Anglicans can mingle in a very laid-back atmosphere. Great people, casual atmosphere, Villampics, staying up till way too late singing and dancing, the sauna and the swimming - those are just some of the things a great Villa weekend is made of.

Sitz parties

Anglica organises many sitz parties during the study year (typically two in autumn and two in spring). Sitz parties are an academic tradition which involve singing, drinking and eating, roughly in that order. The sitzes have different themes which let you use your creativity in coming up with costumes. The first sitz party of the year is the Freshmen sitz party, where new members will be taught the ways of this fantastic tradition.

Student parties

Anglica naturally organises many parties at night clubs during the study year. The parties have varying themes but especially two English-themed parties have proven their staying power so far (Britpop and St. Patrick's Day). We co-organise parties with other student organisations which makes it easy to meet students outside of Anglica as well.


Come November, Anglicans release their anchors and set sail on the Baltic Sea! Many hilarious moments await, for on board a cruise ship anything truly is possible.

NMES (National Meeting of English Students)

As the name implies, this special event gathers together English students from all over the country. It is held at a different city each year. It is a weekend long excursion that involves getting to know the city in question as well as fun lectures and a typically quite chaotic sitz party. In between there’s time for quite a bit of goofing around with fellow Anglicans as well as English students from other cities.