Anglica ry

Since 1958.

General Information

Anglica was founded in 1958 to be the student organisation for English students at the University of Turku. We are the second oldest student organisation at the University. Currently we have around 400 members, and we are the largest student organisation among the humanists of Turku.

While our weekly events and parties are the more visible side of Anglica, our most important task is to take care of the interests of our members studywise. Anglica has a representative that frequents staff meets once a month, where s/he can keep the staff informed about the students’ views about the studies. Anglica can tackle even hard subjects, while keeping your anonymity, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems regarding courses or teachers etc. We can also contact Humanitas or TYY for you, or have any of your questions or comments forwarded to the person in question.

For years, Anglica has annually donated to a charity of the board's choosing. We also arrange regular blood donating days with the Finnish Red Cross and encourage our members to donate blood. Anglica supported the Tahdon 2013 campaign for equal marriage law in Finland and we have also attended Pride parades annually.

Anglica has several clubs where our members can carry out their interests and find people with similar interests. The activity of the clubs depends on the members entirely, so if you are interested in any of these clubs, or would perhaps like to create a new one, join the clubs' Facebook groups or/and contact the board.

Anglica Food Club or AFC is Anglica’s cooking club, where attendees choose a culinary theme and gather to cook and eat the chosen dishes.

Anglica Reading Circle (ARC) is the club for you if you love reading.

Anglica's Gaming Crew (AGC) is a casual bunch of people who discuss and play video games in their spare time.

Anglica Beer Club (ABC) is for all beer-enthusiasts, who would like to discuss brews with other like-minded people.

Anglica Sports Squad (ASS) is the club for you if you’re interested in sports, and if football in particular is your passion, then you should check out FC Anglica.