Anglica ry

Since 1958.

How to Join Anglica

The membership fee is 5€ / year OR 20€ / 7 years

There are two ways to join Anglica:

A) During Coffee Hours (dates and times in the Events & Calendar -section of the page), joining is possible at some of Anglica's events as well.

  1. Bring exact change if possible. Please, do not pay with large bills.
  2. Provide information regarding your current hometown (or country of origin for exchange students), your full name, year of birth, e-mail address, and the year you first attended the University of Turku.
  3. Ask for a membership sticker.


B) Pay the membership fee directly into Anglica's bank account.

  1. The account number is FI41 4309 1820 0034 14 and the BIC code is ITELFIHH.
  2. Pay with the message "Your full name + Membership 1yr or 7yrs."
  3. Contact our secretary Tommi Virtanen (tpjvirt (at) and send him the information regarding your current hometown (or country of origin for exchange students), your full name, date or year of birth, for how many years you have joined the organization, e-mail address, and the year you first attended the University of Turku.
  4. Collect your membership sticker during Coffee Hours or board meetings. If you are unable to attend either of these, please contact a board member to get the sticker at another time.

How To Join Anglica's Mailing List

    To join Anglica's mailing list please e-mail our Info Lea-Lotta Huurtela (llhuur (at)

Anglica's Privacy Policy

  1. Member register
  2. Controller of the register:

    Anglica ry

    Koskenniemenkatu 4

    20014 Turun yliopisto


    Contact person for register queries: Lea-Lotta Huurtela (llhuur (at)

    Anglica keeps a register of its members as required by the Finnish Associations Act (section 3, 11§). The data collected consists of first name(s), last name, year of joining Anglica, date or year of birth, the duration of membership’s validity, e-mail address, municipality of residence (or home country for international members) and first year of studies at the University of Turku. Lists of alumni members and recipients of honorary acknowledgements are also maintained in the register. For these members, home addresses and phone numbers may be stored as well. The e-mail addresses of members on our mailing lists are also stored in the register. The personal data listed above is gathered to enable and optimize the operation of Anglica. Our members’ personal data is stored on the Jottacloud servers ( (Norway) for the duration of the membership and is only accessible by members and vice member(s) of the board. Members can also request to view their stored data, and have it corrected or deleted at any time by contacting Lea-Lotta Huurtela (see above). The data is transferred outside the European Union (Norway). The data is not transferred outside the European Economic Area.

  3. Meetings and events
  4. The attendees of Anglica’s board meetings are recorded in the minutes, which are published on Anglica’s website and notice board, and archived physically, and electronically on the Jottacloud servers ( (Norway). The sign-up for most of Anglica’s events happens through, where attendees’ names are visible to other participants via the link (see Sensitive personal information, such as allergies, that may be relevant for organizing events will only be gathered on occasion and is not stored. By default, payment information (attendees and their personal reference numbers) for events is delivered by e-mail to Anglica’s mailing list. Members can opt to receive payment information personally by contacting our Treasurer Salli Salolahti (sajoss (at)

  5. Mailing lists
  6. Members can join and unsubscribe from Anglica’s mailing lists by contacting our Info Lea-Lotta Huurtela (llhuur (at) Only the Chair, Vice Chair and Info of the board can send messages to Anglica’s mailing lists. The e-mail addresses subscribed to Anglica’s mailing lists can only be viewed and maintained by the Info of the board.